How to create a conducive home office

More people are now working from home and spending most of their day in front of a computer. Your home office will greatly affect how you feel, and the quality of your work. Here are five tips to create a space that inspires you.

Know your "why"

To find fulfilment and success in anything you do, the first step is to be clear about why you do it. Decorate your space with the reason you work - whether it is family or 6-months backpacking trip - and you will feel more motivated. Think wall art, decoration, or colours.

Set boundaries

It's hard to create a balance when work spills over into personal life. Create a visual separation with design elements so that when you are in work mode, you can be fully present in your zone, and then disconnect when in home mode.

Stay organised

Office clutter has a way of building up! Stay on top of it by having a dedicated place for everything, so plan out smart office solutions. Know exactly what you have and need.

Make your office green

Many offices are going green - printing less, usling less paper, and recycling. Set up a recycling bin under your desk so that you can dispose of your waste responsibly. 

Bring in nature

Nature has a calming effect, and a simple plant or bouquet of flowers makes a big difference. Natural air purifiers such as areca palm, mother-in-law's tongue, and money trees remove harmful toxins from the air. You can find these plants at your local nursery, and at Ikea. If you don't have a green thumb, essential oils like peppermint, rosemary and lemon help to stimulate focus, memory, and clarity. In an essential oil burner, add three to four drops of oil to 1/4 cup of water.