How to design a multi-generation home

Renovation is already in itself stressful. More so if you live with your family, and each person's individual preferences has to be catered to. Instead of going up in arms in trying to decide on one consistent look for the entire home, try varying the decor for each space subtly like in this home that's designed by Space Factor.

Start with a calming, neutral-toned living room. This colour scheme is classic, and would most likely go down well with family members of varied tastes.

Carry the theme over to the dining room for a more consistent look for the common area. 

For the older generation, their bedroom could take on a scheme that's a cosier variant of the living room's palette. Pick darker wood-finish laminates and stained parquet floors for the space to feel more snug.

As for the young adult, a clean-cut space would be wise as it'll outlast any flighty decor trends that he or she might be into at the moment.

And lastly, if there is a teenager in the house, let them express their individuality through a vibrant colour scheme and equally fun-loving furniture and accessories! 


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