All-white homes need not be dull! This home testifies.

How do you make an all-white space look like a home and not an art gallery? This apartment by Distinctidentity shows you how to create a modern-classic abode with just one shade of colour.


1. It might look all white, but this apartment actually mixes different shades of white such as cream for the moulded panelling, a lilac-toned white for the opposite wall, and flooring with a beige tint, to create more depth to the colour palette.


2. Layer surface textures and design so that flat white surfaces don't become one-dimensional. The TV console, ceiling and a small wall panel behind the TV all sport moulded trimmings while the large panelling at the back of the TV has a three-dimensional repeated pattern.


3. Add sparkle and shine to give the all-white landscape some life! In the dining area, the chandelier (also in white), does the trick.


4. Details make all the difference! Although it's white-on-white, the embossed lace texture of the wallpaper is a subtle accent that instantly creates a more cosy, romantic mood in the bedroom when light hits it.


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