How to make your HDB bathroom feel larger

If you think you're limited by the type of house you live in, think again! With some creative space planning, clever use of furniture, and the right finishing touches, your HDB bathroom can look bright and spacious too! Follow these four tips to get a larger bathroom:


1. Open-Concept

Open Concept Bathroom Box.ID Studio

With only a folding door to separate the bedroom from the bathroom, this bathroom is bright and spacious! 


2. Natural Light

While you may be afraid that the sun will heat up the bathroom, a brighter space actually looks larger. See how the walls and the bathtub seem to glow, thanks to the sunlight!


3. Use Glass

Being in a small space with four walls can feel quite claustraphobic. Glass on the other hand, gives the illusion of spaciousness. Consider this for an en suite bathroom, not for the common on along the hallway!


4. Add A Mirror

Look at how the mirror next to the sink gives this bathroom depth!