How to pair red with black in a home elegantly

When homeowner Kian Ng first laid eyes on this terrace, he saw beyond its decrepit condition. With a vision to transform the space into an arresting modern abode, he forked out $180K (excluding furnishings) for the overhaul and engaged the help of Space Sense’s Kelvin Teo, who took an audacious step to introduce a dramatic tri-colour scheme of red, white and black in this 2,750sqf residence. Learn how they pulled it off here. 


Two smaller restrooms were merged to create this en suite master bathroom that gleams with contemporary fittings and retro accents, courtesy of the mosaic backsplash and vivid hues. 


This glass-walled home office’s refreshing palette injects a wallop of fun and energy, making the daily slog a tad more pleasurable. 


Once a run-of-the-mill second-storey staircase landing, a partially glassed-in workroom now stands in its place, bringing lightness to the double-volume ebony walls.


Lego-like ceramic tiles of red, black and white were arranged haphazardly to create a feature wall that, in spite of looking shambolic, still adheres to the common colour scheme. 


Different finishes for the same shade of black were selected in the living (glossy) and dining (textured and matte) areas to subtly segregate both quarters and add personality to the seemingly one-dimensional hue.


The homeowner originally wanted to hack the five awkwardly positioned pillars in the living space, but to save cost, they were given a dark coat of paint instead for a less jarring presence. Juxtaposing them to create an artful statement structure are the white horizontal boxes.


Unified by clean lines and cubic furniture, the contemporary-chic interior pulls off the bold look with finesse. 


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