8 Must-know Taobao Shopping Tips

Need something? Chances are that Taobao has it. The Chinese shopping platform is massive, housing everything from men and women’s apparel, to homeware and furnishings, and even electronics! But the site is harder to navigate than you would think. Besides the language barrier, there are also enough buttons and numbers to get one confused. Fret not, as the experts at Ezbuy, a shopping and shipping agent of Taobao, have provided some tips and pointers to make shopping on Taobao an easier experience.

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1. Buy from a reliable Taobao seller 

Shopping online always holds its risks, so it’s best to check on the Taobao seller’s rating before purchasing from them! There are a total of four different icons – hearts, diamonds, blue crowns and gold crowns – and they all refer to different ratings!

According to 65Daigou (now known as Ezbuy), sellers should at least have 1 diamond to be considered reliable, but if you are purchasing something pricier, it is advised to find sellers of at least 5 diamonds.

2. Use the live chat function

If you have any doubts, be sure to clarify them before purchasing! With this function, you can speak to the seller directly.

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3. Check the product description

This is where you’ll find product dimensions, colours, and other available pictures of the item you are purchasing! Here's how to check if your branded goods are authentic.

4. The reviews matter

Besides the Taobao seller rating system, this is also a great way to gauge how reliable your seller is! Always check what other customers have to say about the seller.

5. Checking the numbers

This number refers to how many successful transactions this product has, and once again ties in to how reliable this seller is!

6. Always be wary

With Taobao, what you see might not always be what you get. There have been cases of Taobao sellers sending out wrong or faulty products. To avoid this, always make sure that you take a look at the vendor’s reviews and ratings before purchasing!

7. It’s all in the keywords

Google Translate is your best friend when it comes to getting keywords for browsing Taobao. But if you’re looking for something more specific, check out this cheat sheet that 65Daigou has provided, complete with useful keywords for searching! 

Minimalist/Simple: 简约现 Sofa: 沙发
Scandinavian: 北欧现代 Closet: 壁橱
Modern: 现代 Wardrobe: 衣柜
Contemporary: 奥美 Coffee/End Table: 咖啡桌/茶几
Industrial Chic: 工业别致 TV console: 电视柜
Vintage:  后现代 Nesting Table: 嵌套桌子
Open-arm Chair: 扶手椅 Extendable: 伸缩
Chaise lounge: 躺椅 Glossy Finishing: 光滑

Didn't do well in Mandarin at school? More Taobao keywords here – courtesy of Taobao experts Etrove!

8. Getting them shipped

Sometimes, the cost of a product isn’t inclusive of the shipping fees. Charges for shipping your buys over to Singapore depends on the actual or volumetric weight, whicever is higher. On certain occasions, shoppers might might have to pay a higher fee for the shipping costs as compared to the price for the product itself. Here's the cheapest way to ship in bulky items.

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Image: Ezbuy

However, here are some points worth mentioning to your seller before they ship your products:

  1. Use wooden boxes for shipping heavier of fragile items
  2. Refrain from using damaged boxes or containers
  3. Fragile items should be well cushioned

Alternatively, you can utilise Ezbuy's shipping services for an easier time! They can help with your purchasing process, as well as inspection, shipping and repacking of your parcels.