How to soundproof your home

Buzzi Hub by Buzzi Space, from Xtra Park Mall.


Add insulation to your walls and ceilings (create a false ceiling) to increase its density. This reduces sound peneration from external airborne noise. A common wall insulation material is mineral wool. Mineral wool reduces penetration by three to five decibels. Unfortunately, mineral wool tends to degenerate over time as it is made of natural material. 

An alternative to mineral wool is polyurethane foam. In comparison to mineral wool, polyurethane foam can reduce sound penetration by up to 17 decibles depending on its thickness, and will not degenerate. Try Vicycle (more commonly used in the construction phase of your home) and ISO Blanket (can be added to your wall) from US company Vicoustic, available at JD Acoustic.



Choose windows and doors with good sound-insulation like those that are double-glazed and use laminate glass. Thanks to their multi-chambered sections and compression gaskets, such doors and windows reduces heat transfer and blocks out noise when shut. If you're not keen on replacing your doors, minimise the gap between the door and floor by adding rubber or plastic seals readily found at DIY stores.

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If you prefer not to do any renovation work, consider getting modular sound insulation products that can be easily added or removed. Products like the Buzzi Booth and Buzzi Hub (pictured above) from Belgium-based company, Buzzi Space, promises a more comfortable, noise-free environment while seated within the booth.



Disturbed by vibrations from nearby train tracks, highways, and busy roads? Try carpeting your entire home. Supplement this with a layer of insulation like ISO Underfloor, also by Vicoustic. An alternative would be vinyl flooring by Formica as it also has sound insulation properties (and finishes that mimic the look of real wood!).

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