How to squeeze a dresser or vanity table into your bedroom

Ladies, wouldn't you agree with me that having a dresser or a vanity table is more than having a table to store lotions, creams, cosmetics and other toiletries? It is an area of the bedroom solely dedicated to the lady of the house, marked by her possesions! When planning the furniture for the home, consider how you can incorporate one into your bedroom. These beautiful rooms with clever storage and space-saving ideas shows us it is possible!

Going for the minimalist look? This dresser ensures that everything can be kept hidden!

(Interior design by Cube Associate Design)

The interior designer carved out a vanity area (complete with a large mirror and light!) for the homeowner that can be concealed with the sliding panels.

(Interior design by Prozfile)

A similar concept, this sliding panel behind a wardrobe hides a series of mirrors for the dresser the designer built over the bay window.

(Interior design by Prozfile)

Customising your wardrobe? Fit your dressing table within your wardrobe!

(Interior design by Metaphor Studio)

Prefer the traditional look? Tuck your vanity table into a recessed wall for a compact look.

(Interior design by Space Sense)

Use a statement mirror to mark out the vanity area in your bedroom.

(Interior design by Arete Culture)

Flushed against the wall, this narrow dressing table doesn't take up too much floor space. It can also double up as a desk for the homeowners!
(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

If you're concerned about storage, choose a chest of drawers that can be used as dressing table, as well as provide ample storage for other items in your room.

(Interior design by Design Channel)

An unconventional bedroom layout, the headboard provides storage for the homeowners, and can double up as a dressing table as well.

(Interior design by Three-d Conceptwerke)

Can't afford to have such a bulky chest? A low one will do just fine. Add a touch of glamour with a small chandelier above your vanity area!

(Interior design by Prozfile)