How to use colour in a white space

Ok, you've decided on a mostly all-white space so your small apartment would look bright and airy. But how do you make it well, not boring? A dash of colour and pattern in the right places will liven things up. Interior design firm Fuse Concept added just the right dose of colour and decoration to this four-room HDB flat to prevent it form being ordinary and ho-hum. 

A breakaway from the rigid lines of the room with rounded shapes, a pop of red, and patterns on the wall print - these all make what is essentially a plain white box, look interesting. 


Colour is used here, in the form of tableware, for a shot of contrast. 


The mounted bicycle becomes a cool and edgy prop with its yellow frame. More colours are added to the living area with the rocking chair and cushions. 


If you think any colour contrasted with white would look too loud in the home, tone down the background by using dark grey (not black), to ease the contrast. Make sure the space enjoys plenty of sunlight so it doesn't look claustrophobic.


A lovely blue laminate for the wardrobe creates a sense of calm in the kids room.


Used for the drawers of this platform bed, the blue laminate adds just the right amount of contrast and highlight to the dark wood of the bedroom.


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