Inspiring Workstations By The Bay Window

Natural light. Check. Ventilation. Check. Something to look at during a break. Check. Maximise the use of bay window. Check. Following up on our entry on why Your Study May Be Making You Unproductive, surely, working by a window is the most inspiring way to work! Also, because these workstations are built-in and flushed to the wall, they take up very little space! Here's a list of inspiring workstations and study rooms that maximise the use of a bay window.

Study by JQ Ong

Despite its minimal furnishings, this workstation is industrial-chic thanks to it's monochromatic palette!

(Interior design by JQ Ong/ the Association)



Study by Whiz Concepts

Blinds help minimise the glare of the sun without cutting off the supply of natural light.

(Interior design by Whiz Concepts)


Study by Free Space Intent

Want a spacious workstation? Have everything flushed to the wall and off the floor!

(Interior Design by Free Space Intent)


Study by Benjeemen Heng

A warm neutral colour (both paint work and rug!) gives the room a nice glow in the sun. Simple ways to add build a cosy ambience.

(Interior design by Benjeemen Heng)


Study by Project File

Don't want to work facing the window? Play peek-a-boo with the sun by adding a backless bookshelf for storage!

(Interior design by Project File)


An L-shaped desk gives you more worktop space and also more storage under the table!

(Interior design by Dreammetal)


Study by Space Matters

The bench by the bay window makes for an alluring break-time nook!

(Interior design by Space Matters)


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