House Tour: An interior designer's mod-industrial HDB flat

Ever wondered what an interior designer's home looks like? When given free reign (and that means no client demands or picky homeowners), their homes get the best of these designers' expertise. This 5-room HDB flat is one example, designed with W2DA.

Enter the walkway and you'll be greeted by multi-coloured laminate samples, suspended from steel cables on the ceiling. This transforms a usually ordinary or boring space into a bold and visually captivating one. Framed family shots also line the walls.

The living room space expanded when the homeowner decided to merge the balcony to it. In its place is a laminate bench that provides extra seating. There are a couple of elements that we see throughout the house - matte black finishes, the concrete walls, and a lot of wood.

An interior designer has to have his own office. To demarcate his study from the rest of the home and give it extra privacy, they added a partition made from vented bricks and raised the flooring.

While not quite in line with the industrial theme, the polished marble dining table is a practical choice in terms of maintenance. Positioned in the the middle of the dining area, the classy table is complemented with designer lamps and the Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner.

The owner extended the common bathroom's footprint to add the washbasin countertop, which he clad in Peranakan tiles.

And in the bedroom, things are kept simple with a wood-and-white theme. In the adults' space, foldable hooks along the wall let the homeowners keep often-used items close. In the children's room, is a customised double-decker bed which carves our a mezzanine-like space.