HDB flats with beautiful kitchen islands


Always wanted a kitchen that's straight out of a glamorous cookbook, but never thought you had the space in your HDB flat? Think again.

Get inspired by these homes that managed to integrate an island into their kitchens, and some tips on how they worked their way around spatial constraints!


1. Pairing a laminate surface with a tiled and wooden base gives this island a look that is both modern and just a little rugged, working well with the masculine decor.

(Interior design by Museum)


2. For fans of classical design, this pristine kitchen showcases traditional elements. The rounded marble island countertop is an unexpected feature, compared to the usual rectangular surface.

(Interior design by The Cottage Crafts)


3. A narrow space did not hinder this homeowner from placing a kitchen island in the middle of his space. The white and light wood aesthetic of this island goes especially well with the raw concrete floor and metallic elements.

(Interior design by Box ID)


4. To maximise space, integrate the cooktop into the island, so food preparation and cooking can be done on the same surface.

(Interior design by Mu Dian)


5. Kitchen islands are multi-purpose too! This L-shaped quartz counter has a section for meal preparation and another for dining. The smooth surface is also easy to clean and maintain.

(Interior design by Aiden T)


6. The kitchen was relocated to the living room area during renovation, which allowed for more space to fit this custom dual-purpose dining table and island counter. 

(Interior design by Artistroom)


7. This industrial kitchen merges the dining table and kitchen island into one, using the awkward layout of the room to its advantage.

(Interior design by Sponge)


8. This marble island doubles as a bartop counter, bringing an elegant touch to the vintage and shabby-chic decor.

(Interior design by Museum)