Kitchen design ideas: 4 ways to do patterned tiles

Our kitchens, whether they have an open concept or not, are becoming increasingly important in our homes, so make sure not to neglect it and design it to look awesome! Here's an idea to consider: patterned tiles.

See how patterned tiles can dramatically enhance even a simple kitchen? It makes your cook space so much cheerier — and maybe you'll even have more fun doing the dishes!


1. Go for a wacky mix of different designs on the different surfaces.


2. Go for a fun shape and a single bright colour.


3. Go for an ornate pattern on one wall as a focal point.


4. Go for those with colours that relate to those of your cabinets, if you're afraid it might be too overwhelming.

Some places to get gorgeous patterned tiles include Hafary, Rice, Builders Shop, Soon Bee Huat and An Huat.