Kitchen design ideas: 5 ways to add a chalkboard

You know what your kitchen needs? A chalkboard! Use it not only to jot down shopping lists and recipes, but unleash your creativity while waiting for the water to boil perhaps! 

Here are some simple ideas for incorporating a scribble wall in your kitchen. 


1. Incorporated into a framed display, with hanging storage for utensils and more, installed against the wall over finishes for a fuss-free look.


2. Chalkboard paint simply applied onto an otherwise obtrusive column or structural wall — turns an eyesore into a feature!


3. A spray-painted magnetic sheet, which lets you stick on magnets as well as draw on it both!


4. Consider other colours besides the obvious black! It can help to spruce up even the simplest of spaces.


5. Customised to fit into nooks and odd corners, with compartments for storage.


You can get chalkboard paint from most DIY stores, as well as here and here!