Kitchen design tips for good feng shui at home

(Design: The Scientist)

As far as feng shui is concerned, unfavourable kitchen feng shui can affect the harmony and health of the occupants in that household, especially if it concerns the stove. 

The placement of the stove is a crucial factor. A wrongly placed stove may activate negative Qi that can affect the entire household, and brings about health issues related to the digestive system, emotions and temperaments to its occupants. So, where should you place it in your kitchen?

Kitchen islands are common in a number of spacious modern kitchens today. Installing a stove there – though it may look fancy as what you see in cooking shows – is an absolute no-no in feng shui. An island stove looks suspended in the middle of the kitchen with no solid support – like a heart exposed, unprotected. Ideally, the stove should be installed against solid walls.

The stove is a Yin feature, which complements the Yang element of the main door. The key word here is “stability”, as in the stove is not exposed to Qi coming from all directions, and thus, its reason for being located against a solid wall. The same concept applies to portable stoves as well.

Another common feature in most modern kitchens today is the kitchen exhaust fan, which sits overhead the stove. Although it serves the purpose of capturing smoke and oil mist in the air when you cook, it is not complementary, feng shui-wise. If this feature is unavoidable, you may need to have it reinstalled a bit to the side instead.

The stove should not be placed directly across from the sink, a Water element. This is a case of Fire and Water elements clashing, which causes disharmony in the household when they do. However, this only applies if the stove is opposite the sink in a straight line. Otherwise, it is fine. And wherever possible, ensure the sink and the stove are not placed side-by-side with each other. There should at least be a two-foot gap in between if such is the case. Similarly, the stove should not be aligned with the kitchen door as well.

Keep in mind that if you want to harness the best feng shui for the stove, ensure you make way for a small, spacious bright hall in front of it. 

(First published in ST Property)