Kitchen: Expert tips on creating a pro-style kitchen (Part 2)

Want to create a pro-style kitchen in your home? Follow these tips.

(DESIGN: Space Matters)


All Chinese kitchens should have a wok and steaming rack. The wok works for most cooking methods like stir-fry, braised, stew and deep-fry. Add the steaming rack and your wok transforms into a steamer. Also include two cleavers, one for meat and another for vegetables as they vary in sizes.

Must-have ingredients include ginger, garlic and onions, plus standard seasonings such as soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and various types of fermented bean pastes. – Eric Low, Chef/Owner of LUSH Epicurean


Have an island that’s as big as possible with ample space to roll, knead and shape doughs. Add its own smaller sink and waste extractor, and plenty of drawers. The best tools in a kitchen are your mind and hands! – Dean Brettschneider, Baker/Owner of Baker & Cook


The workflow of the kitchen is paramount. For example, I like a big working space for food preparation and have a large refrigerated space near the working benches for convenience. Hygiene is also important: Have two sinks rather than one closed storage space, and good ventilation. – Emmanuel Stroobant, Chef/Owner of Emmanuel Stroobant Group

This article was first published in Women's Weekly November 2015.