This kitty litter box is effective and mess-free - and we love it!

We love our pet cats, but hate the litter box. Litter gets everywhere, and scooping is troublesome. If you agree, you'll love the Luuup Litter Box.

(image: Luup)

This three-tray sifting system works like this: Step one, lift the top tray and sift. This separates the waste from the rest of the litter. Step two, throw the waste. Step three, turn the tray 180 degrees, and place it at the bottom.

Not only will you minimise the chances of wasting litter (which commonly occurs as you are scooping up the waste), it eliminates the need for scoops and lets us clean up after our furkids without any mess at all. Support its Kickstarter campaign here.

Check out the video below: