Makeover Madness: Your Teen's Bedroom

It's tricky to decorate for teenagers! They are growing into young adults, they have a mind of their own, they love to experiment, and aren't too bothered by change. If you're finally giving your teen the green light to redecorate his room, good on you! However, before you leave everything into the hands of your 15 year-old, you'll want to reign him in with the following tips.


+ Draw up a floor plan and divide the areas for study and play. Run through the activities that will take place in the room and work on what kind of furniture goes where. If your teen wants a "chill out corner", let your teenager decide on what he or she wants to do with that area. A beanbag would be a comfortable option for relaxation, while an armchair will make for a good reading spot.

+ Incorporate their hobbies and interests into the decor. If you teenager loves music, give her a corner for her guitars. 

+ Set clear limits and budget constraints. A paint job as opposed to wallpaper? Tell your teen in advance!

+ Storage. Young people do have a lot of things. From books to gadgets, you'll be thankful for lockers, bookshelves and drawers, or their stuff will pile up on the floor!

+ Shop for lighting and furniture together. With a budget already decided upon, pick out a few places where you'll be sure not to go overboard! They'll be sure to learn a thing or two about budgeting and a money management through this experience!

+ DIY. Carve out some bonding time with your teenager and do a DIY project together. Personalised items makes things more meaningful and fun! 


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