Marble Furniture that Will Amaze You!

Italian marble is renowned the world over. Given creative freedom to design for the home, and a single 38.78 tonne block of rare Carrara marble, five Italian architects and designers turned up these amazing creations in an exhibition called Solid Senses. Presented in Milan this April by Robot City - Italian Art Factory, the awe-inspiring monolithic pieces were made with high-technology methods supervised by marble artisans. 


Proust armchair by Alessandro Mendini 
All the fine baroque details of the Proust armchair, originally made with carved wood, have been faithfully recreated in marble, an amazing feat!


Comb by Paolo Ulian
Comb, named for its fluted motifs that are both structural and decorative, can be used as a bench, or as a shelf when stacked up. Stacked up, it takes on impressive architectural proportions. 


Tavolo Onda (wave table) by Cini and Stefano Boeri 
The organic ripple of a wave is precisely captured and frozen in marble. 


Land bench by Paolo Ulian 
A similar aesthetic of ridges as the Comb is applied to the Land bench, made with two flat marble slabs cut concentrically.


Rabbit table and chairs by Stefano Giovannoni 
Known for the humour in his designs, Giovannoni's marble "tree" table and "rabbit" chairs are simply too adorable. 


Finally, for the ultimate in marble crafting, the M-Piano by Steinway & Sons!
The M-Piano, entirely cloaked in marble by GMV La Civilta del Marmo, was used for a performance by Bon Jovi co-founder David Bryan to mark the launch of the Solid Senses exhibition.


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