Marble Homeware - Our top 6 picks!

Boards, trinket trays, lamps... Anything that is made in marble somehow looks chic, elegant and classy. Here is our pick of marbled accessories that you'll want to have in your home.

marble accessories, marbled, homeware, light, homeanddecor
Image: Make Room

1. Huebsch marble and brass table lamp, $279, from Make Room


homeanddecor, marbled, accessories, homeware, candleholder
Image: Kuhl Home

2. Tria candleholder, $35, from Kuhl Home


marble, marbled, homeware, home accessories, dish, tray
Image: Naiise

3. Comme Home small rectangular marble tray, $69, from Naiise.


marble, marbled accessories, homeware, board, homeanddecor

Image: Make Room

4. Madam Stoltz marble board with wood handle, $119, from Make Room.


marble, marbled, bowl, homeware, home accessories, naiise
Image: Naiise

5. Aljir Fine Crafts marble bowl, $54, from Naiise.


marble, marbled, homeware, board
Image: Naiise

6. Comme Home hexagonal marble board, $49, from Naiise.