MEET: Annet van Egmond

Annet van Egmond

Annet van Egmond is the art director and co-founder of lighting label Brand van Egmond. Known for its dramatic, handcrafted lighting sculptures, Brand van Egmond has created pieces inspired by curtain tassels, trees, floating candles, old black-and-white photos, and even people. Take its Coco Chandelier, for instance – a lighting feature decorated with strung beads, it resembles the long pearl necklaces fashion legend Coco Chanel loved draping on herself. The “wow” factor of the brand's luminaires has also landed them in Chopard and Louis Vuitton boutiques around the world.

Coco Chandelier

Sultans of Swing

Annet credits such unique creations to her philosophy of “unrestrained art”. She explains: “I believe that everyone should have the freedom to create”, and she certainly applies this to her 50-strong workshop team in Holland. “All our ateliers are given the opportunity to create items independently,” she says. The teams are also allowed to design objects other than lighting. Annet herself has branched out to designing wallpaper (she was, in fact, trained as a sculptor).

Her advice to young designers? “You shouldn’t focus on the fame or the money, but focus on the passion for creating. The magic is in your product.” As the magic is truly in theirs.

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