MEET: Nikki Hunt of Design Intervention

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Photo: Design Intervention

Want to understand the art of interior design? According to interior design expert and founder of interior design firm, Design Intervention, Nikki Hunt, “the art of interior design is making the sum of the parts much greater than the whole, each item should make the items around it look better – but we must not forget comfort, either.”

Between running her own firm and creating interiors, furniture and accessories, the mother-of-two has found the time to start a design school at Design Intervention. The eight-week design courses are conducted by a team of its staff. “We teach them practical skills like space planning and colour linking,” says Nikki. What better way to learn than by example? Some lessons include a field trip Nikki’s own home — a gorgeously decorated bungalow that's elegant, and yet comfortable for life with two teenagers in the house!

Besides designing interiors, Design Intervention supplies fabrics and wallcoverings, is involved in architecture, and has its own line of bespoke furniture and custom-made rugs. Email classes@designintervention.com.sg or call 6506-0920 for more information on the course.