Minimalism achieved with Italian furniture brand

Andrea Parisio, creative director of Meridiani, exudes an easy elegance.

“Singapore is a good market for our products because many homes here mirror our brand’s minimalist style,” he shares. The Italian furniture brand offers pieces for all parts of the home, designed with simple, pure lines for the modern contemporary home.

Bearing in mind the brand’s vision of elegant simplicity for its pieces, all of which are handmade in Italy, he believes that simple shapes and lines for furniture help keep the interiors of a home nicely balanced and coordinated. Homeowners can then create different styles by playing with material colours to suit their abode.

“We want to let our customers express their personalities through our furniture, so we give them plenty of choices when it comes to fabrics,” he explains.

Andrea compares his style and design aesthetics to his taste in fashion. “Products from brands such as Cavalli or John Galliano are too ornate, they don’t appeal to me,” he says. “Like Prada, I want to create a bourgeois style that is still special and exclusive, but without the heavy detailing.” This way, the brand brings a sensual elegance to the home, while exuding luxury through its invitingly plush fabrics.


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