Mirror mirror on the walls... does the space look larger now?

Using mirrored doors for storage cabinets are definitely the way to go to visually enlarge a small space. (Not recommended for those with OCD though. The fingerprints might just drive you insane!) For the rest of us who are mentally stable, see how Space Factor cleverly used mirrors to transform this compact home

The compact living room's space and brightness seem to double up with the help of the full-height mirrors that run along the entire length of one wall.

Cleverly concealed behind the mirrors are copious amounts of shoe storage. It is also strategically built right by the main door, where the missus can easilly access her large and neatly organised collection of shoes. 

The large mirrors also reflect more natural light streaming in from the dining corner into the rest of the common area.

The same technique is used for the bedroom, where floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are fronted by mirrored sliding doors. 

Darker and plusher finishings are used for the other end of the bedroom in order to balance out the glossy surfaces employed at the room's wardrobe corner.

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