A modern classic home that's anything but gaudy

The classical home decor style is known for its hot colours, decorative furniture, and plush fabrics. This home, while still classical in style, is on the other end of the spectrum. Take a few hints from this Space Matters project on how to tone down the showy theme.

A harmonious blend of neutrals make up the living room, and the only hint of the classic style is seen in the arm chairs.


These plush, elegant round back chairs are great for lounging in with a book in hand. It can also double as dining chairs if you're expecting more guests than usual.


The dining room is anchored by a sleek, contemporary table which juxtaposes nicely with the chairs' baroque print upholstery.


Go a shade darker for the bedroom in order to bring about a cosier ambiance. Besides the baroque wallpaper, the rest of the room was kept simple so as to prevent the space from appearing too busy.


Sometimes, all you need for a standard bedroom is a statement baroque mirror like this to brighten things up!


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