Must-buy products from Daiso! (Part 1)

Always wondered why there’s a queue in front of Daiso before it opens? Well, we show you why in this post.

We’ve been stalking the We Love Daiso Facebook group for a while and we’ve gotten a taste of the Daiso craze. Sure, Daiso’s great. For just $2 you can get almost ANYTHING: socks, food, cleaning supplies and even makeup can all be purchased for that low price! But is there truly anything worth going crazy over?

We sifted through Daiso Facebook groups, dug around the store and tested out several products and have figured out which items are truly worth buying and which items are perplexingly popular for absolutely no reason, so check it out below!

Pictures: Home & Decor’s own as well as from the We Love Daiso Facebook group.


One of the most popular items in Daiso, the melamine sponge is perfect for removing grease and dirt. Unlike regular sponges that simply remove unsightly stains, these remove grease and tough stains completely! The only down side is that they don’t last very long and shrink in size over time. This is why they are sold in bulk, and can be bought in a variety of blocks for your ease of use.

Check out the before and after effects:

(Image: Priscilla Tan)


Once upon a time, these were all the rage. With a handy visual guide, these kept you in check for when your eggs were ready! The craze for them has died down, but we find this extremely useful still.

Here's how to use it:

Follow this guide.

(Image: Shelin Khoo)
Dump it into the water till the pink part turns white at the right indication!


Despite its suspiciously low price, these extension poles are sturdy, flexible and perfect for increasing your storage space and helping you organise your home. Don’t believe us? Check out these images from the We Love Daiso group! Honestly, we believe these to be the BEST product for home organisation in Daiso.

(Image: Sharon Lee)
Use it to hang your cleaning tools. It's flexible length makes it perfect for fitting into odd spaces.

(Image: Rachel Amelda Teo-Tan)
Use it to organise your pots and pans!


This gimmicky looking product actually works really well! We tried it out, but find that the images from Facebook users were much better and we went with those. Check out how much of a difference this battery operated gadget "shaves" lint off your fabrics:

(Image: Angeline Fu)


You could be preparing for a impromtu photoshoot, or just want a small green space in your home, this patch of grass is readilly available, for just $2! We pieced together several pieces and trimmed it a little for a smooth look, but the grass, found in the gardening section of Daiso, is available in squares, perfect for customising your very own green space.

(Image: Geraldine Tan-Wee)
You can find it in squares like these!


These... We have no idea why they're so popular. They're everywhere and everyone seems to want one. These frilly, pretty-pink (also available in white) containers disappear minutes after Daiso stores open and are bought in bulk. It has caused several arguements on the Facebook group, crazy morning crowds, and reached the point where Daiso had to stop accepting reservations for the items. The appeal for the maison clement collection? "It's pretty lor >.<" - says many members. We don't get it either.

(Image: Chrysanth Yip)

(Image: Ivis Lovelle Azel)
We suppose, like the Hello Kitty rage, this one revolves around being able to collect the entire set of Maison Clement pieces.

(Image: Lynn Cheng)
To stand out from the crowd of Maison pieces, some owners have taken to decorating their pieces with markers, purchased from Daiso of course.