Never drop a tablet on your face again, with this tablet stand.

We've all experienced the pain of dropping our smartphones and tablets on our faces, floors, and... everywhere, really. Whether you were falling asleep or your hands turned numb after hours of holding the phone up, this is bound to happen. 

Tatolapp, a company which promotes Polynesian-built technology, has launched the MyHangover on Kickstarter. MyHangover is a tablet stand which, literally, hangs over your head. It is supported by a multipurpose stand that is tall and sturdy enough to hold your devices in front of you, and is configurable into three different positions.

(image: MyHangover)

Here are some fun activities to do, once you have this hands-free device at home:

  • Experiment a new recipe, as you place this stand in front of you
  • Watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, and fall asleep to dream of dragons right after - without dropping the tablet on your face for once, no matter how shocking the episode is
  • Learn how to strum a new song on your guitar, with the note sheet right where you can see it
  • Video chat with your friends living abroad, as you prepare a sandwich

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