The new decor accessory: Bicycles

The humble bicycle that was once use purely for transportation, is now considered a piece of art. The decor of these homes are a testament of how this trend has taken off in Singapore. Here are some ways to include your stylish ride in the decor of your home...


Use the bicycles to add colour to a space! Photographer and avid cyclist Frenchescar Lim admires the aesthetics of bicycles, and proudly displays her self-assembled pieces in her kitchen area.


A bicycle used in home decor

This vintage bicycle adds an element of charm and nostalgia to the space. 


Got a sporty road bike? Don't condemn it to the store room or the yard! The decor of your home is a reflection of who you are! It is perfectly ok to mount it in your mid-century inspired space!


Hung neatly, the two sporty bicycles don't mar the elegant decor in this dining room.


So, is this just another fleeting trend in Singapore? Well, if our car prices continue to soar and the roads get more and more congested, more of us may decide to cycle to get around. Transportation, exercise and a decor accessory all rolled into one? Why not?