New ways to use old things in your home

More than channelling the vintage feel into your home, recycle abandoned and unwanted items in your decor for the sake of the environment. They add a lot of character to the home, too! We picked out these cool, eco-friendly decor ideas!

An old mailbox becomes a display cabinet for collectibles and knick-knacks!

(Interior design by Hunter Gatherer)

Wooden crates get recycled as cladding for the walls.

(Interior design by Museum)

Set up a craft station with abandoned crates and door panels!

DIY junkies, try your hand at making lamp shades out of longan cans! A great way to infuse local elements into your home as well.

(Interior design by Make Room)

Need a room divider for your open-concept home? Use an old metal gate!

(Interior design by Momo)

Strip lampshades to give your lamp a modern and minimalist look. 

Paint antique furniture a fun colour for a modern twist.

(Interior design by Juxtapose)

Turn an old oil barrel into a simple coffee table. Give it a new lease of life by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

(Interior design by Space Sense)

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