Our Top 10 Blogposts of 2015!

Here's a rundown of our Top 10 most popular blogposts last year - click on the headlines to read these useful articles!

1. An essential guide to basic renovation costs 
Thinking of renovating your home, but not sure how much it'll cost you?

Spacedge, open-concept kitchen

2. Never thought of having a platform bed? Here's why you should
Still deciding on what type of bed to have? We've got three good reasons why platform beds are on our list!

platform bed, Museum ID

3. Here's what $50,000 renovation can do for your HDB flat
Wondering how much $50,000 can do for your home? Find out here!

D5 Studio Image, living room

4. House Tour: A HDB flat that looks like a posh hotel suite!
If you live in this posh and comfortable HDB maisonette that looks like a luxurious hotel, you'll feel like you're on vacation every day.

Aiden T, HDB maisonette

5. 7 amazing HDB flats in Sengkang and Punggol
Check out these homeowners from Punggol and Sengkang who transformed their cookie-cutter HDB flats!

Free Space Intent, four room HDB flat, Punggol

6. 7 HDB bathrooms that are both practical and luxurious
HDB toilets may be small and cramped, but that shouldn't stop you from giving it some character! Here are some great ideas for renovating your bathroom.

W2DA, HDB bathroom

7. 5 Things Your Property Agent Never Told You
A good housing agent should have all the relevant information you need at their fingertips — but are they telling all? Find out...


8. Gorgeous home renovation ideas for your HDB flat: part two
Looking for more HDB flat renovation inspiration? We've got the goods.

Cottage Craft, country-style home

9. House Tour: This is what a five-room HDB duplex penthouse looks like
Did you know that HDB actually offers duplex penthouse apartments? Each unit, with its large size, high-ceilings and loft-like layout is truly a unique space for large families.

Space sense, HDB flat, duplex

10. Want a walk-in wardrobe in a small HDB flat? Here are 7 tips!
Who says HDB flats aren't built for walk-in wardrobes? Here are a few ways to work around your space and create the perfect home for your clothes.

JQ Ong, The Association, walk-in wardrobe, HDB