This pastry shop in Shanghai wil stop you in your tracks!

The designers of Aime Patisserie wanted the flagship store of this brand to stand out among its neighbours - regular coffee and donut franchises, and luxury boutiques, and boy did it stick out - in a good way! Designed by Shanghai-based architectural firm Luk Studio to resemble a white gift box, the stunning facade of the shop references the unwrapping of layers of transluent paper, with its layered design, before unveiling the colourful macarons within the box. 




Inside, an illuminated feature wall is composed of stacked gift boxes at various stages of opening, right up to the ceiling, where the pattern continues. The stark white colour scheme and interplay of light also serve to highlight the colours of the macarons and other goodies on display. 






This is one pastry shop that will stop you in your tracks. Visit Aime Patisserie in the Huangpu district of Shanghai.