Planning for a Halloween party? Start with these home accessories!

Cobwebs, fake blood and black cats… Halloween decorations can certainly get rather stale. So let's do away with the same old tacky accessories this year and bring in something more eccentric and tasteful instead!


Skull Tidy, $88, from Suck UK.
The hallmark of Halloween, the classic skull is given new life here as a decorative holder for all your loose knick-knacks. 


Black Storm Clouds Bathroom Tub Curtain, $143.55, from Nature City.
This sophisticated, brooding shower curtain design is far from your usual tacky Halloween accessory, but it fits the theme seamlessly!


Dripping Napkin Holder, $44, from Artori Design.
Perfect for a fun dining setting, this white napkin holder turns bloody when filled with crimson serviettes. 


Backbone in Jar Candle, $59.90, from Egg3.
It may look like something that's been nicked from a mad scientist's home, but it's actually just a candle that has a rather macabre elegance to it. 


Hanging Harry Light Pull, $18, from Suck UK.
Adorable yet morbid, this novelty light pull is a quick way to dress your home up for Halloween parties!


Splat Stan Coaster, $18, from Suck UK.
Remind your guests of the bloody mess that'll occur if any of their drinks leave a mark on the table.


Spider Wine Glasses, from $45.67, from TulaczFineArts.
Serve up some arachnophobia with this hand-painted wine glass that'll make your hair stand and skin crawl!


Mummy Mike Rubber Band Holder, $18, from Suck UK.
Who would've thought that inconspicuous rubber bands can come in handy as decor? This mummy figurine, which you can display on a shelf or a coffee table, will continue to amuse your guests after Halloween too.


Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light, $56.25, from 3D Light FX.
The Hulk's breaking in to this year's Halloween party! This superhero-themed light will surely amuse the kids to no end. 


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