Reasons to switch to digital locks and keyless systems

In this our digital age, a keyless system is not foreign to us. We use a card to enter our offices, another card to unlock our car, and just our thumb to unlock our smart phones. However, despite these technological advances, many of us still have the keys to our home in our pockets. Here, we introduce these intelligent locks and share reasons why it’s time to go keyless.

Digital locks, unlike their conventional counterparts, have the ability to store valuable information. New lock systems by Baldwin and Kwikset from Automated Lifestyle and Yale allow each occupant to set their own numerical passcode, and record when each passcode was used. With this technology, you will know when your kid is back from school, or how long your child and domestic helper have been out via your smart phone.

Intelligent passcode lock by Baldwin, from Automated Lifestyle

Electronic door levers by Kwikset, from Automated Lifestyle

Other than passcode entry, these systems allow you to use an RFID card to gain access to your home. Just swipe the card and the door will be unlocked!

Samsung SHS 6020 Digital Lock, from InterLock

Samsung SHS 2920 Digital Lock, from InterLock

Gateman A20-FHH Digital Lock, from InterLock

Don’t want to hang on to a card or memorise a passcode? You’ll appreciate these biometric locking systems. Just by scanning your fingerprint, you can gain access to your home.  You can also choose to use a wireless remote control to lock and unlock the door. No more fumbling for your keys at your door.

Yale digital door lock YDR 4110, from Yale Security Point

Gateman F300-FH "Diana", from InterLock

The Yale digital door lock YDR 4110 and the Gateman F300-FH "Diana" allows homeowners to lock and unlock their doors merely by scanning their fingerprint. It also offers two levels of security, where users can choose to unlock the door with a passcode followed by the scanning of their fingerprint, and vice versa. An alarm will sound if forced entry is attempted. 

Convenience and security aside, these stylish systems make us want to change our locks just because.