A refurbished shophouse with a Japanese-Scandi theme

In a corner of Joo Chiat rests this 3,000sqf conservation shophouse – home to Tsok Wui Chong and Catherine Ong Ling of Md.Ma Design Consultants. Seeing past its shoddy initial condition, the pair revamped the double-storey estate, giving it a contemporary zest without compromising on the beauty of its original architecture. The result is a cross between Japanese and Scandinavian decor, amidst vintage tones.


After the renovation, the once unsightly laundry yard was converted into a quaint corner garden, in which a spot of greenery, paired with rocky slabs of bricks and pebbled ground, introduce some vibrancy.


From the aged wooden surface to the traditional carved details, the pintu pagar (swinging shophouse doors) is a stark yet refreshing contrast to the contemporary furnishings indoors. 


Besides the breath-taking gem of an entrance, this semi-outdoor lavatory jazzes the area up with jaunty patterned tiles, miniature bird models beneath the sink and a tap suspending from a branch above it.


Incorporating rustic bamboo strips to the kitchen tops adds to the Oriental style of the space. Nostalgic, geometric floor tiles were used to balance out the modern finishes and echo the aesthetics of a classic shophouse as well. 


A previously walled-up interior, the open-concept living area now shares the space with the dining room. Due to restrictions by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the French windows were retained, preserving an essence of the old shophouse.  


The high ceiling, white palette, and distinct pitched roof of this understated master bedroom lend to it a light and airy ambience.


The wooden cabinets add a rustic flavour to an otherwise tropical-tinged resort-style master bath, courtesy of the uneven ombre design of the emerald green accent wall whose tiles take after fish scales.


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