A retro-style HDB flat...decorated with a trishaw!

How many homeowners can boast of having their wheels parked right in their living room? These homeowners can! To complete the authentic look of their vintage-themed home, they even went so far as to source a trishaw, and park it right in their living space. Interior design firm Design Channel created a canvas on which this couple could create their vision of a local mid-century-styled home, complete with vintage teak furniture, Peranakan tiles, and old-school appliances!

Against a concrete wall and road signs, this little vignette looks just like a snapshot of 60s Singapore.



The window grilles were reproduced to resemble those popular in the 1960s and 1970s.



The wife cooks (and the husband washes), so the hob was constructed for her height, while the sink was tailored for him!



The husband's vintage glassware sits in a mid-20th century-style cupboard.



An antique wood wardrobe, a kopitiam chair and a poster of a 1960s Singaporean icon infuse the study with a retro and uniquely local flavour.



The sheets are vintage-inspired and match the Peranakan tile headboard.



A beaded curtain screens the walk-in wardrobe from the master bedroom, doing away with space-eating doors.



The wife's favourite room is the chillout room, which is furnished with floor cushions, children’s chairs and a quilt from Lucas’ grandmother.


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