Reviews of property agents' service now available

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Thinking of buying or selling a property and not sure who you should go to? Now there's a way you can find a suitable property agent!

Banking on the power of customer reviews to prod property agents to deliver better service, a new search engine by OrangeTee will, from Feb 26, let customers rate agents' performance.

The "Property Agents Bank" is possibly the first search platform in Singapore to provide customer ratings and reviews on agents.

On top of the usual search features for property listings, past transactions and names of agents, it gives free access to agents' information, including their personal profile, achievements, current listings and, most importantly, customers' reviews of their performance.

OrangeTee managing director Steven Tan said he hopes this will empower customers to make informed decisions and raise the standard of service in the industry. "The key point is to transform ourselves to align with consumer behaviour. Once we have these reviews, service standards will improve," he said.

He noted that more consumers are relying on online reviews to make purchase decisions, and such reviews on products and services are seen as more trustworthy than what the company or its sales employees say.

Property agents who know they will be assessed by customers after the deals are closed will be compelled to put their customers' needs first. "Not only that, they will constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to meet the increasing expectations of their customers," Mr Tan said.

To ensure the credibility of the reviews, each customer review will include essential information such as the transaction ID, a brief property address and the type of transaction. With the customer's consent, reviews will be posted without filtering.

When customers have more confidence in engaging property agents, the likelihood of disruptive technologies replacing them is reduced.

OrangeTee's search platform also enables its agents to co-broke with other agents within and outside the firm, a similar feature rolled out by other agencies like ERA Realty, PropNex and KF Property Network.

(First published in The Business Times)