See how a mod black colour scheme is used in this one-room apartment

Not limited to expansive homes with high ceilings, a dark — even black — palette can elevate small spaces when applied in the right proportions. Take a few hints from this stylish bachelor home by interior design firm Sirus Art.

Homeowner, Ian, wanted mismatched dining chairs as a conversation starter, and also for guests to look forward to settling into their favourite designer piece.

The tan leather Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen inspired the apartment's colour scheme of black and brown.

The Louis Vuitton trunk (used as a small coffee table or display piece) has been with homeowner, Ian, for ages, and is one of the few things he kept from his previous home.

A light grey sofa breaks the sombreness of the dark palette; likewise, textured raven-hued wallpaper adds softness.

A pair of “headless” dress and tuxedo sculptures by Russian artist Yuri Zatarain stands against a tan-and-gold striped wallpaper feature wall in the living room.

Sleeping well is important, says homeowner, Ian, so despite the bedroom's compact size, he squeezed in the luxurious Hepburn bed by Matthew Hilton.

Design tip:

Ian made efficient use of the foyer corridor by building slim bookshelves for his book collection, while hiding the bomb shelter.

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