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The GoDown 

Aptly named The GoDown, the vintage furniture and accessories (mainly from the '50s & '60s) in the store will certainly take you down memory lane!

Audrey Lee, owner of The GoDown, scours the world in search for vintage pieces to add to her selection – she has even found pieces from as far away as Finland, Turkey and Papua New Guinea. Reminiscent of old Singapore are lanterns made from biscuit tins, antique water-filtering jars, a one-off vintage ice crusher, and furniture crafted out of reclaimed wood. “Almost every piece has a story behind it,” she adds. 

Items from The GoDown

Items from The GoDown

However, not everything in the store is necessarily vintage. Audrey also brings in recyclable rugs from Italy, and sells contemporary-style furniture she designed by hand. As the store is filled with both new and pre-loved items, you'll learn how to mix vintage pieces with modern furniture!