Solve your space-crunch with custom furniture!

Whether large or small, the common bugbears of furnishing a home is the lack of storage space. However, regardless of layout, floor space or type of home, there is nothing that built-in or customised furniture can't solve! We share how you can utilise furniture customisation to maximise your space.

Begin by assessing your storage needs and allow an interior designer to recommend how your space should be utilised and apportioned. You'll want to maximise every inch and corner!

As built-in furniture is made-to-order, you have total control over the look, shape and size of your furniture. While they're typically more costly than store-bought ones, you can ensure that your furniture is proportionate to your space, and no space is wasted. You won't need to go hunting for furniture that will fit perfectly (it's probably impossible!), too!

Also, you can incorporate storage into the design of your furniture. Hidden storage keeps clutter out of sight and ensures you won't need to buy bulky or clunky furniture for storage. Ideas you can consider would be to create storage compartments within booth seating or your bedframe.

While built-in furniture seems like the perfect solution, it may not work to your advantage if you're renting out your space, or if know that you'll not be staying in that space for very long.

Built-in furniture could look unfinished at the back as they are attached to the walls. So if you're looking to move them around, or switch them out for something else, it may be quite a hassel to do so. However, if you're set on going with built-ins, select timeless designs and neutral colours for your furniture, and they'll go a long way.

Not sure where to start? Try some of these ideas...

Study Room by Project File

The ceiling-mounted bookshelf in this study doesn’t take up any space on the floor. Design by Project File.


Customised Booth Seating by Comfort Design

Anchored to the wall to save space, the booth seats by Comfort Design can incorporate deep storage spaces.


Customised Sofa from Gorgeous Furnishings

Store items within the “footprint” of your sofa with the Vessel range of customised furniture from Gorgeous Furnishings.