This is why you should have concrete flooring in your HDB flat

Great for industrial-style homes, concrete flooring is cheaper than most materials, lasts longer and adds an elegant simplicity to homes. But with everyone and their neighbour opting for this cool, rugged decor theme, how can your living space stand out from the crowd? Here are some ideas:


1. Put a tile “rug” in the middle of the concrete flooring

Check out more of this designer’s work here. (You can also scatter tiles randomly across the concrete floor.)


2. Mix some pebbles in with the concrete for a textured look



3. Use stamped concrete

Looks like real wood right! Except that it's easier to maintain, is a hardier surface and is cheaper to install too!

4. Use scoured concrete for a rug-like effect

You can stain portions to create an interesting pattern.

5. Stain your concrete floor

Tip! To prevent your concrete floor from cracking, make sure your contractor slathers on at least five layers of varnish.
Not only will the varnish keep the concrete floor smooth and crack free, it prevents liquids and dust from seeping into the porous materials, too.

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