Staircase decor ideas for your HDB maisonette

If you live in a HDB maisonette, there's one part of your home that you shouldn't neglect in decorating— yes, the staircase! A passageway that you access on a daily basis, there's no reason why you should live with bare and dull-looking stairwells! We've gathered a variety of ideas that'll make the staircase the highlight of your home!

Don't have enough display cabinets or storage space? Display art and collectibles on the steps!

(Interior design by Homme Space)


Paint the stairway a bright and sunny shade!

(Interior design by Spacious Planners)


Strategically placed decals and sculptures make walking up and down the stairs more fun! We also love the elegant chandelier that runs from the upper floor to the first.

(Interior design by Boon Siew Interior Design)


Large pieces can draw a lot of attention to themselves in a wide and open space. However these pieces give just the right amount of visual impact to this narrow stairway.

(Interior design by Museum)


An added ledge makes room for the homeowner to display photos and memorabilia (without the need to drill holes in the wall!).

(Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke)


Don't forget to dress the staircase landing! 

(Interior design by Homme Space)


Add a quirky design element, just because. The rungs of the ladder-to-nowhere were inspired by old-style built-in fire escape ladder!

(Interior design by Space Sense)


Especially if you're going for the industrial look, extend the cement screed finish from the wall to the staircase!


(Interior design by Free Space Intent)


(Interior design by Free Space Intent)


Working to achieve a streamlined look, in this maisonette, the staircase is hidden this side of the room by a cement screed feature wall. 

(Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke)


While this may not be a suitable option for a home with young children or the elderly, this staircase without railings give this home a raw and edgy vibe!

(Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke)


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