Stationery in Peranakan prints? Kala Pata nailed it.

Listening to Amreen Rahman talk enthusiastically about Peranakan culture, you would think that she grew up among Babas and Nonyas. But the 32-year-old founder of stationery brand Kala Pata is actually from Bangladesh and has spent most of her life overseas. While Amreen and her husband have been in Singapore for just over five years, it is not her first time here. She had studied design at Raffles Design Institute (then known as Raffles Lasalle Institute) before moving to London, and her love for Singapore hasn’t changed.

What I really love are the many cultures. They are so rich and diverse!” In particular,  one ethnicity intrigues her the most – the multifaceted Peranakan culture.

Featuring an aesthetic heritage of ornate detailing and rich colours, it became the inspiration behind the prints that adorn Kala Pata’s stationery.

Her Singapura collection comprises iPhone covers, lacquer boxes, greeting cards and notebooks, all sporting Peranakan-inspired motifs such as gilded peonies, kamcheng (covered jars), and patterns found on old tiles. Each product comes with a sticker that relates the inspiration behind the designs.

Amreen’s aim is to market her stationery to tourists looking to purchase souvenirs that are both uniquely Singaporean and chic, rather than tacky. 

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