Steal the style of this gorgeous rooftop bathroom!

Not many of us own a house, yet alone a rooftop on which we can plonk our bathroom on. Don't fret, we break down the elements of his stylish bathroom by Aamer Architects so you can approximate your own beautiful space.

1. You need sunlight, lots of it.

With almost all four walls and the ceiling of this space in glass, it almost feels like you're bathing in the great outdoors. We don't have the luxury of this in an apartment, so try to use light-coloured wall and floor materials that'll reflect light from the windows you do have.


2. Bring in the plants 

Naturally, plants thrive in sunny environments, and they do wonders in softening the hard edge of bathroom surfaces. Again, if you don't have this much sunlight, ask your nursery for plants that will survive with less light. Add some to your vanity area and see the difference!

3. Create a small sitting area

In this house, one can step out of the shower and right onto the roof deck which has furniture for relaxing. In a smaller bathroom, especially one that is connected to a walk-in wardrobe, find a corner where you can park a seat and side table, maybe even a footstool to prop up your legs while you read your favourite magazines.


4. Layer on the texture

If everything in your bathroom is smooth, hard and shiny, that would make for one boring monotonous space. Add texture to liven up your surfaces. Here, tiles with a subtle stone texture is used. 


5. Keep the colour palette simple 

Bathrooms are ideally soothing, relaxing spaces, so keep the colour choices simple and neutral, like this mix of dark grey and white.