Steps to take before, during and after moving house for a smooth transition into your new home!

The thought of packing all your belongings, finding a reliable mover and organizing the move is overwhelming enough, not to mention the moving-in process itself. Here’s a checklist of the necessary to be done before, during and after you’ve moved so you don’t get overwhelmed by the whole idea of moving by keeping on track at every stage of the process!


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Before the move

  • Get quotes from different moving companies
  • Get an appraisal on your expensive items and get them insured for your move
  • Recycle, sell or donate what you don’t wish to move
  • Pack up what you don’t need on a daily basis
  • Notify your change of address at any police post
  • Notify other parties such as credit card companies, banks, newspaper and magazine distributors, your employer and friends of your change of address
  • Empty out, clean and switch off the fridge a day before the move. Refrain from buying more perishable groceries
  • Have the utilities disconnected to your old home and reconnected to your new home


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During the move

  • Indicate clear signs and labels on the boxes for each room
  • Keep entrances clear and lock up any pets to ensure their safety and reduce any unnecessary disruptions
  • Prepare drinks in the new home to keep hydrated as you’d expect laborious work


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After the move

  • Have all your furniture in position so that you can place and store your belongings as you unpack
  • Check all items as soon as they are moved to ensure that there are no missing or damaged items


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