Stop whining about your tiny kitchen! Try this.

Apply these clever tricks when designing your open-concept kitchen to make it work to your advantage.

#1 Ditch your dining table.
Unless you're big on entertaining, your kitchen can double up as a dining space, too. Add some bar stools to your kitchen counter and you're all set.

(Interior design by Museum)

(Interior design by Proj. B Studio)

#2 Make your furniture mobile.
An open-concept kitchen means that your kitchen can extend itself right into other parts of your home. This dining table can be hidden away when not in use.

(Interior design by Sponge)

#3 Hang up whatever you can. Make every surface count.
With fewer walls, you'll find yourself left with lesser space for wall-hung cabinets. Take a leaf from the owners of this kitchen who chose to hang their pots and utensils as part of a feature wall.

(Interior design by WY-TO)

#4 Make the counter top work harder for you. Add another layer to it.

(Interior design by Space Sense)

#5 Don't want the fumes? Go with glass.
If you do a lot of heavy cooking, you'll want to block out the fumes from entering the home with a really good cooker hood and a glass sliding door. The glass door will help maintain the airy look of an open-concept space.

(Interior design by Substance Living)

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