Style on a budget: 8 home products under $30

If you're on a budget to find essential but stylish items to prettify your home, here are 10 items below $30.

#1 IKEA SITTNING Table Mat at $2.50 each

We use our phones way too much during dinner. Keep your phone in sight but away from your hands and spillages with this table mat!


#2 MT Tape Mini Flower Botanical Art at $2.60

Yes, this multi-purpose tape is a big part of decor in our books! You can use it multiple ways, including frames (as pictured below). With the myriad of designs, there is a tape for every style and theme.

(image source: MT Tape and Design Sponge)


#3 IKEA FARGRIK Side Plate at $2.90 each (Blue plate in the middle)

Stylish and affordable - two of our favourite words.


#4 IKEA SITTNING Chopping Board at $7.90 each

Wooden chopping boards are all the rage now. These odd-shaped ones are quirky, but give you enough surface area to get your job done.


#5 MUJI White Porcelain Soap Dispenser at $14.40 each

Inject some MUJI minimalism into your bathroom with these soap dispensers. They are made using robust Amakusa pottery stone. 


#6 Cotton On Home Mugs at $14.95 for two pieces

Good news for those who love the affordable Australian brand Cotton On! They've brought in their home and living range, with warm and pastel tones dominating the first collection.

(image: Cotton On)


#7 LEJEN Cabinet at $19.90 each

These stackable cabinets are great for homes with an industrial theme. 


#8 Cotton On Home MT Squishy Storage at $24.95

Keep things neat and stylish with these squishy storage bags. They are made from laminated cotton, so rest assured they'll survive the rough and tumble of everyday use.

(image: Cotton On)