Stylish bottle openers to whip out at your next party

Update your collection of bar tools with these stylish bottle openers. You'll be happy to pull them out at your next party!
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Your guests would never guess that these shiny ornaments are bottle openers.
They'll surely pass as lovely table decor.

Enchanted Animal Bottle Opener, S$25, from Anthropologie.

Sleek, slim, and understated, this bottle opener is light and slender enough to be kept in your key pouch.

Orbitkey Bottle Opener, S$8.70, from HipVan.

A bottle opener that catches the bottle caps for you thanks to a magnet attached to it. It'll make cleaning up a breeze! 

DropCatch Magnetic Bottle Opener, from S$62.50, DropCatch.


Inject some humour to your party with this tongue-in-cheek bottle opener. They'll make a cute party favour, too!

Beaver bottle opener, S$8, from Fancy.com.

For the lovers of modern minimalist design, these ones are for you.

Knucklehead bottle opener, S$25.50, from Quartertwenty.


The next time you're tempted to use your teeth as a bottle opener, pull out this hardy set with vampire fangs instead.

Bite Me Bottle Opener, S$15, from Fancy.com

No need to hide your bottle opener in your kitchen drawer. 
Strategically placed on the underside of the dove, this bottle opener can sit pretty on the table.

Dove bottle opener, S$26, from Fancy.com.