Throw a pillow party!

The cushion has got to be the most versatile piece of decor accessory for the home! Strategically use cushions and pillows to enhance the look of your space with these tips:

Colour - Want to highlight a certain piece of furniture or just want to emphasise on a colour scheme? Cushions are a good way to bring in colour, contast and texture! It's a cost-effective option too because they can be swapped out easily.

Size - A square-shaped cushion would work for both traditional and contemporary decor, while the odd-shaped ones work best for an ecclectic-looking  space or a children's room.

Number - Whether you're adding cushions to your sofa or your bed, stick with odd numbers for balance. Having said that, if you're going to lay large cushions on the floor, you can just decide how many you actually need.

Fabric - Go ahead and pick out cushions with different texture. Thicker materials tend give warmth and depth to a space, and fabrics with some shine adds a touch of glamour!

Some ways to use cushions in your home...


The cushions on the sofa play up the red wingback chair in this living room. We love how they aren't all in the same shade of red, and some patterns were used too!


Create an informal, cosy, and laid-back ambience with cushions and rugs! Without an actual backrest, you're forced to sit in a more relaxed position!


These giangantic beanbags are great for lounging around during movie nights!