Tips on Displaying Art Pieces at Home

There's nothing more inspiring than a home filled with art. With so many avenues to purchase affordable art pieces and also create your own, how do you display the pieces you love? 

Image: Mad Nest restaurant 

Dr Pwee Keng Hock of Utterly Art, and John Erdos of John Erdos Gallery share the tips on how to best display artwork at home:

Eye, Eye, Sir!
Paintings are best enjoyed at eye level, so make sure you don’t hang them too high up or too low. 

Sun Shade
Artworks should be placed away from direct sunlight as the UV rays will cause discolouration over time.

Background Colour
Neutral wall colours such as white and grey are safe choices to display your pieces on. Bold colours such as black, red or blue can create an interesting contrasts for wall art, too.

Light 'Em Up
Use a spotlight with a dimmer to light the canvases. It’s not necessary to flood the whole piece with light; focussing on just one part of the work can create an artistic approach.

Hello, Halogen
Fluorescent lighting is even, but appears cold. Opt for halogen bulbs, which project a warmer light tone – especially when lighting photographs.

Too Cool
It is best to avoid hanging artworks under air-conditioning units, which may leak and cause serious damage!

Still looking for something to put up on you walls? Shops like Franc Franc, The Bear KnowsGilt & Folly, as well as, events like MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) are a good start if you're looking for affordable art (and if you don't mind non-exclusive pieces).