Tips for eye-catching feature walls

Decorating your walls is one of the ways you can make a statement in your home. Use the following tips to get stylish feature walls in your home!

1) Build a feature. 

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

While it's quite impossible to grow a tree in your house, you can build one!

2) Use tiles

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

The clever use of tiles allow the homeowners to clad both the walls and flooring of the entrance in a fun, retro print.

3) Get educational decorations

(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

Decorating a children's room? Let the decor be educational!

4) Use wallpaper

(Interior design by Dreammetal)

This black and white wallpaper that feature old apartments add to the vintage-inspired edge of the space.

5) Make a feature wall

(Interior design by Prozfile

The feature wall is more than a decorative wall! The full-height laminate wood panelling leads the eye upwards to showcase the apartment's high ceiling.

6) Add texture to walls

(Interior design by Prozfile)

To add texture and character to the space, the homeowners decided to strip the wall to expose the raw bricks. A fuss-free feature wall!

7) Play with lighting fixtures. 

(Interior design by Space Sense)

The designer purposely exposed the electrical trunking of the wall lamps to create an interesting design element.

8) A bit of everything

(Interior design by Story of Us)

The mix of exposed and concealed shelving allow the homeowners to display and hide whatever they want. 

9) Add dimensions 

(Interior design by Produce)

A neat but stylish storage system, these faceted wooden panels add warmth to this living room.

10) Go green

(Interior design by Project File)

Not sure where to put your plants? Build a wall of plants!

11) Bold and stylish

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

Going with the industrial-theme, the designer paired the red brick wall with the crate-like "boxes".

12) Be different

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

An unconventional design, this living room has two levels of seating!

13) Fun storage

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

Another storage cabinet that features a crate-like design. We love how the crates look like they've been piled in a haphazard fashion. 

14) Show it off

(Interior design by Rezt & Relax)

A niche was created for the homeowner to display his collection of bearbricks.

15) Get creative

(Interior design by Edgeline Planners)

Who says you can only have one feature wall? 

16) Use different shapes

(Interior design by Fuse Concept)

We love the use of geometry in this dining room!

17) Do it yourself 

(Interior design by Mint Studio)

Try your hand at painting a mural!

18) Make it luxurious

(Interior design by Mod Design Workshop)

Textured wallpaper and gold frames are a sure-fire way to add a sense of romance and luxury to your space.